Bag Stores in Viviana Mall

Most of us cannot leave the house without carrying a bag, in fact, there are people who feel incomplete without it while stepping out. Yes, a bag serves its practical purpose, i.e. carrying money, hairbrush, pen, deodorant, etc. but it also acts as a fashion accessory. Since it helps you make a style statement, you must ensure your bags complement the rest of your look. Hence, we bring the best bag shops in Thane for you, choose from the wide range of popular brands like Hidesign, Baggit, Esbeda, VIP, etc.

Footwear Shops in Viviana Mall

Be it heels, flats, sandals, or sports shoes, the fetish over fancy footwear is never-ending. Along with adding to your fashion quotient, it also depicts your personality. From being an object that protects your feet, today, it lends style and comfort. Hence, it is important to have different footwear for different occasions. We have curated some of the most popular shoe stores in Thane, here.

Visit us at Viviana, and fill your wardrobe with some of the best bags and shoes to ensure you are always slaying.