Preventive Measures Adopted by Us Against COVID-19

Social distancing and hygiene at every step because your safety is our top priority.

We have worked out simple steps against Corona Virus

There are few things, you as an individual, need to follow:

Wear your mask at all times once you have entered the mall

Follow Physical Distancing – avoid coming into close proximity with co-visitors

 Sanitize your hands frequently, especially after touching any surface


Do everything you can to ensure that you and everyone else is safe.


Wearing a mask is mandatory

Not only you, but our retailers and staff are also mandated to wear a mask. The WHO as well as the Government of India have been urging us to do so. Let’s abide by the instruction at all times.

Sanitization of cars at parking entrance

Worried about the virus lurking on the outer surface of cars? Every car will be sanitized with disinfectant before it enters the parking lot. We also have the facility for contactless parking ticket dispensing and payment.

6-Feet Social Distancing throughout mall premises

With social distancing-based markers and queueing norms, we have enabled a safe experience for you from check in to check out.

Compulsory Aarogya Setu app

As per mandatory guidelines, visitors may not be entertained if they do not have the aforementioned app in their phones with green status (this means the risk of infection is low for the user).

Oxygen saturation level and temperature check at the entrance

We will ensure every staff and visitor is in good health. An individual’s oxygen level needs to range between 95 and 100, whereas their temperature must be under 98.6 °F. Thus, you can be assured that your co-visitors are in the pink of health.

Sanitisation tunnel for disinfection

Visitors and staff entering the mall will have to pass through the sanitization tunnel (the disinfectant is sprayed below shoulder level only) to eliminate the risk of contamination. The chemicals used are EPA-approved.

UV disinfection for bags at the entrance

Bags carried along by our visitors or staff will be disinfected at the entrance using UV lights that are installed in every baggage scanner.

Foot-operated sanitisers at short intervals

Touched a strange surface? Relax, we have installed foot-operated hand sanitizers at multiple locations!

Contactless payment systems

We understand you might not want to take the risk of exchanging cash. Hence, every store, restaurant, and food outlet is equipped with digital payment solutions.

Information Desk for assistance

With new rules and multiple changes, we understand it might become a little difficult to figure things out. So to help resolve your queries, our staff will always be available at your disposal.

Contactless mall directory

No more crowding at the floor plan directory of Viviana! Simply scan the QR code, view the map in your smartphone, and easily locate the store you are looking for.

4-steps distance on the escalator

Social distancing measures are taken into consideration on escalators as well. There will be a minimum of 4-steps gap between you and fellow visitors. Additionally, hand railings are continuously sanitized using UV lights.

Elevator services operated only for the specially abled and expectant mothers

Maintaining a safe distance can be challenging in an elevator. Thus, the services are not open to all.

Assistance for contactless shopping

That t-shirt dangling by the hanger looks amazing, but doubtful about trying it on? We have a shopping assistant for you.

Constant cleaning

Every store and various surface of the mall are sanitized at short intervals to ensure utmost hygiene.

Contactless Food court solution

We have found a way to “uncrowd” the counters of our food-court. Now, you can just scan the put up QR code , and place your order, get order readiness status and pay using contactless payment methods like UPI, PayTM, credit/debit cards, etc.

Touchless soap dispensers and taps

Why touch unnecessary surfaces, when you can make use of sensor taps and soap dispensers. We also thoroughly sanitize the WC cubicle every time someone uses it.

Cubicle Sanitization

We also thoroughly sanitize the WC cubicle every time someone uses it. The “Sanitized” sticker assures you of the same.

Safe Air Conditioning

We are cleaning our air filters regularly with sodium hypochlorite (as per government guidelines), and every air conditioning unit is equipped with UV to clean filters continuously, so you only breathe clean air. In addition, we are adhering to the mandated Central Government’s CPWD-approved standards for air conditioning.


Trial of apparel, shoes and jewelry is permitted, and the merchandise is sanitized before being put back in circulation for sale purposes.


We have a PRT (Pandemic Response Team), an Ambulance, and an Isolation Room with oxygen provision available at the site during the mall’s operational hours to cater to any emergency.

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