At Viviana Mall, we believe that the mall is not only a shopping centre but also a community centre. And with this thought, we created a platform named “Vision Viviana”. We are investing our time and resources into making this world a better place. From being an environment-friendly mall (common areas at Viviana Mall, run on solar energy) to empowering women against different causes like #RespectWomenOnWheelChair, #StopAcidSale, etc. under ExtraordiNaari, we are trying to touch social issues that require close attention. We are also associated with XRCVC and PANKH in order to create an inclusive environment for visually-impaired persons.

Viviana-XRCVC Centre

We are a proud supporter of empowering the ones who see differently, in fact, we are the first and the only visually-impaired-friendly mall in India. We have launched a Viviana-XRCVC centre, which strives to help visually-impaired persons to become self-sufficient. The resource centre provides computer education and runs multiple certificate courses free of cost for visually-impaired students. We have together introduced innovative tools like Braille Menus, Tactile Labels at retail stores, Audio Tactile Floor Plans, etc. to ensure they have a troublefree time here.

XRCVC and we, at Viviana, collectively organised a few key events like Antarchakshu, Assistance for Disabled Persons Programme, Cricket Tournament, etc. Click here to know more.


Our second initiative, where we partnered with PANKH, a joint vision of TRRAIN and Youth4Jobs Foundation, which aims at opening a training centre for Persons with Disabilities. We provided a space in the mall for the training centre to support the cause, and give Persons with Disabilities a direction in terms of career. We are helping them develop the skill set required to get a job in the retail sector. With PANKH, the mall is trying to create an environment, where specially-abled can showcase their abilities. To know more about PANKH, click here.