Viviana Mall - The Largest Shopping Mall in India

After a long pause… Everyday is a celebration at Viviana Mall, once again.

Being one of the most adored and biggest shopping malls in Thane, we know how eagerly you had been waiting for us to reopen. Along with being at your service, we are also ensuring that we offer a safe environment to you.

But does that stop us from giving you an incredible shopping experience?


Being a family of over 250 premium brands, we have grown into a one-stop destination for all your needs. And we have left no stone unturned to plan a journey that is convenient yet safe. You will spot foot-operated sanitizers at multiple points. We have included social distancing stickers and marks to ensure safety at each step. We have also made Thermal scanning and double vaccination certificate compulsory as an assurance that everyone within the mall is healthy.

Safety measures do not end here, from entering the mall and shopping your heart out to exiting with a lovely smile, you are safe.

At Viviana, we won’t let the fear of viruses hinder your lifestyle preferences! Come down and quench your urge for experiencing the joy of shopping, once again.