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10 Signs that You a True Foodie


Do you often find yourself scrolling through cookery channels on YouTube? Is the fridge your happy place? Do you spend hours on apps like Zomato and Swiggy?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, food is probably your BAE. But are you a certified foodie? Let’s find out!

The Supermarket is Your Shopping Destination

Most people spend their money shopping for dresses, bags, and accessories, whereas foodaholics splurge all their money on groceries. You have visited every supermarket in your vicinity so many times that you know every aisle by heart.

You Respect Every Flavour

Your culinary experiments are not for the faint-hearted people. When someone confesses that they like their maggi with ketchup, unlike others, you don’t say, ‘Ewww’.

Your Sole Aim is to Satisfy Your Taste Buds

You are the living example of ‘We don’t eat to live, but live to eat’. You basically plan your meals a night beforebreakfast at McDonalds, lunch from Copper Chimney, and dinner at SodaBottleOpenerwala.

You Feel Grumpy When You have to Wait for Your Favourite Meal

Foodies have the tendency to lose themselves in the flavours and aroma of a dish, which elevates the desire to devour a plateful of food. And when you don’t get the said food immediately, it pretty much makes you the definition of “hangry”! 

But then You See the Waiter Bring Your Meal

…and whoosh. All your crankiness vanishes into thin air. You come back to your sweet and bubbly self as the waiter serves up your delicious platter.

Food Can Boost Your Mood

There are times when the fanciest of gestures from your loved ones fail to make you feel better. But a generous helping of your comfort food (pizza, anyone?) can always perk up your mood.

Your Vacay Itinerary is Just a List Titled ‘Best Places to Eat’

Most people go for weekend getaways and vacations to escape the daily routine or harsh weather. But you, on the other hand, plan trips to satiate your hunger for flavours. At Viviana, we have a range of restaurants that serve the authentic flavours of Rajasthan, China, Northern India, Iran, and more.

Joey Tribbiani is Your Spirit Animal

You NEVER EVER share your food! Your taste buds and tummy deserve the entire platter of paradise, and hence you do not encourage “Can I have a bite?”.

You don’t Participate in Food Debates

You do not understand debates like ‘Chai Vs Coffee’, ‘Is Veg Biryani, Biryani?’, ‘Which part of chicken wings is the best?’ and more. You are in love with all kinds of food and you believe in treating every dish, recipe, and flavour equally.

Your Instagram Profile is Filled with Food Snaps

You post a snap of food every other day, but a pic of yourself? Once every hundred years! There are chances that your virtual friends don’t even know what you look like.

If you relate to the above-mentioned points, you are a true foodaholic at heart. Guess what? Your taste buds are going to have a delightful party here, at Viviana Mall. With a myriad of popular restaurants and food outlets like Pizza Express, Cafe Noorani, Kuttu Kurri, Mainland China, and more, we ensure that your taste buds are always sated.

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