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March 8, 2021
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5 Cuisines That You Cannot Miss Out On


From dim sums to dal baati churma to Belgian waffles, each part of the globe is loaded with mouth-watering treats. And if you are a foodie, trying any and every cuisine is like the sole purpose of your life. But that’s an elusive dream, right?


Well, this article will turn that frown upside down!

If not all, you can at least explore the best of the lot. So, here’s a list of cuisines you must not miss out on.

Italian Cuisines

Italian cuisines are more than just pizzas and pastas! It celebrates carbs, cream, and cheese. Though Italian dishes feel heavenly on your tastebuds, their recipes promote simplicity. This cuisine blends different types of cheese, spices, and herbs to make a delish treat. 

Traditional Italian food includes a variety of fresh ingredients such as sauces, cheese, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, etc. You must try the different types of pastas, risottos, and pizzas since they are not only delectable but also comforting. If you have been longing to explore authentic Italian food, Pizza Express and Santinos will offer the best gastronomic experience. 

Chinese Cuisine

Allow us to make a guess, you are longing noodles, dim sums, and rice right now!

Chinese cuisines have influenced many other cuisines in Asian countries. And what we usually consume is Indian Chinese. However, the palate of this vast nation varies according to the regionthe South prefers sweet, North goes for salty, East likes it spicy, and the West favours soury taste. People from southern China tend to add more sugar when cooking than others.

However, authentic Chinese dishes usually consist of ingredients such as wheat, tofu, flour, soy sauce, yellow bean sauce, ground bean sauce, and more. Their dishes are incomplete without garlic, ginger, and white pepper. Most of these dishes are adapted by different countries into local tastes. But if you want to experience the real flavours of Chinese food, you must check out Mainland China. Their piping hot soups, soft dimsums, gently tossed noodles with a glistening layer of sauce, and fluffy rice will convince you to sit back and savour each bite.

Rajasthani Thali

The land of the Rajputs is a paradise for people who love Indian traditional cuisines! Their never-ending platter not only includes mouth-watering dishes but also achars, chaas, papad, and desserts. This rich and heritage cuisine includes ingredients such as beans, barley, lentils, gram flour, bajra, ghee, and many such wonders. The Rajasthani thali, loaded with dal baati churma, ghevar, bajra raab, mohanthal, mirchi bada and more, brings the authentic flavours of this northern state onto your plate. Visit Rajdhani for a royal dining experience that serves the best of Rajasthan.

Iranian Cuisine

Persians are known for their lavish cuisines. Thanks to the Persian Zoroastrians who set sail for India years and years ago, their distinctive recipes can be relished here in India. The Iranian cuisine is a blend of hot, sweet, and spicy flavours. In Mumbai, bun maska, mawa cake, salli boti, and kheema pav are some of the famous Irani dishes. The addition of eggs and potatoes in almost every dish makes this cuisine filling and comforting.

Mughlai Cuisine

Mughlai cuisine includes recipes developed in the medieval Indo-Persian centres of the Mughal Empire. It combines cuisines from the Indian subcontinent with the cooking styles and recipes of Central Asian and Iranian cuisine. The extensive use of saffron, cardamom, dry fruits, nuts, and black pepper makes Mughlai dishes rich in flavours. If you are meaning to try this cuisine, here’s a suggestion:

You cannot go without devouring Mughlai paratha, haleem, murgh musallam, kebabs, shorba, nargisi kofta, and shahi tukra.

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