5 Must-Have Accessories for Your Kitchen

Kitchen accessories are one of the most needed yet the most neglected when it comes to shopping for necessary household items. It is vital to choose the storage boxes carefully for your kitchen tools, and even more important to have all your kitchen accessories for a hassle-free cooking experience. Whether you are remodeling a kitchen or just adding equipment to your existing kitchen, make sure you get the following must-have kitchen accessories:

Pull-Out Shelves

Pull-out shelves or cabinets are vital to utilise storage spaces with maximum ease. You can have separate compartments for your dishes, spoons, bowls, and even for branded crockery. Pull-out shelves not only help to segregate your best cutlery in a sophisticated manner but also help to declutter your kitchen. These shelves are also easy to clean and the roll-out mechanism makes them easy to use. You won’t have to lift heavy boxes to take out your daily use kitchenware.


Choosing the right dinnerware according to your family needs is important. Ceramic is one of the best options when it comes to choosing the build of your dinnerware. It comes in beautiful designs and colours, and has many health benefits as well. Try to incorporate all necessary items for your dinnerware, like small plates for your sides, spoons of different sizes, and others to set your table. You can get some of the best dinnerware brands at Viviana that’ll look after all your kitchen needs according to your requirements.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

In order to perfect any recipe, it is important to get the proportions of the ingredients as accurate as possible. Having an array of measuring cups and spoons is vital for your kitchen so that your dishes come out perfectly, especially if you are following someone else’s recipe. You need separate measuring containers for liquids and dry ingredients. The ones for liquids will have spout and handle, while the ones for dry ingredients will mostly be cups or bowls. Measuring spoons are important for spices and tea.

Food Processor

Blenders are one of the best kitchen appliances for saving time and getting through the cooking process efficiently. Whether it’s making tomato puree, juice, dips, or smoothies, blenders are handy and give a refined texture to the food items. Depending on your daily requirement, you can choose between a standard blender and a high-speed one. Viviana is a one-stop destination with some of the best kitchen appliances stores where you can get a variety of blenders to choose from, at one place.

Air-Tight Storage Containers

Keeping your perishable items in air-tight storage containers help them stay fresh for longer and also ensures hygiene. If you don’t have storage space to keep big air-tight containers, then you should look at zip-lock pouches. You can store these in dry places as well as in the fridge. Make sure the air tight containers have easy-to-open locks to avoid spilling the food while trying to open them.

There are other items too like a chef’s knife, cutting boards, washing gloves, and the like which you need to have in your kitchen for maximum comfort and efficiency. If you are looking for the best crockery brands, all at one place, at Viviana Mall is the perfect option for you. Shop all your kitchen must-haves at one place, hassle-free!

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