5 Types of Watches Every Woman Must Have to Complement All Styles

Accessories are a woman’s best friend! They can transform a boring outfit into something gorgeous. What’s more, they set you apart from the crowd. There’s a wide spectrum of fashion accessories to choose fromhandbags, shoes, heels, necklaces, belts, sunglasses, headbands, and more. But all of them might not go with your ensemble. However, there is one all-weather, all-season accessory that can be donned at any time. A watch! Yes, a timepiece is not limited to keeping track of the day. The right wrist watch is a fashion statement on its own, which can lend character to your outfit.

So, here’s our pick of wrist watches every woman must own!

Luxury Watches 

Luxury watches make a strong fashion appeal! They carry a classic yet understated impression, which makes it the ideal pick for special occasions. Rose gold and pale pink models have been and will continue to stay in trend. They not only look lavish but also evokes poise and feminine charm. Luxury watches are basically practicality of a watch encased in pure class.

Dress Watches

Offices demand a formal style of clothing, and therefore women need watches that look simple yet pretty. Dress watches are exactly the type to complement an everyday office look. These watches do not entail any complications but the white face and silver/gold dial with black strap makes them a classic option for your work ensemble. You may overlook watches while putting together office looks, but it’s best to wear one to work as it gives out an air of professionalism.

Boyfriend Watches

Remember the stereotype that women prefer delicate and dainty pieces around their wrist? Well, that’s an ancient story. We are in an era where boyfriend jeans, boyfriends jackets, and oversized t-shirts are hitting the scenes. The watch industry as well has adapted to the changing preferences of women, offering timepieces that have a sophisticated and edgy finish. A boyfriend watch with unusual designs can be a statement piece for your outfit. Whereas, a metal-strapped one is known for its versatility—pair them with your office as well as casual apparel.

Bracelet Watches

There can be days when you cannot choose between a bracelet and a watch. That’s when bracelet watches come into the picture. The dial is held with a jewellry-like strap such as bangles and dangling charms. In short, they carry the most desirable attributes of two fashion accessories.

Smart Watches

The technology in smart watches will continually keep updating. They are the latest trend for both men and women. With their smart and sporty finish, these watches can complement most of your styles. Smart watches provide many other features besides timekeeping. The latest ones come with a touchscreen and include multiple applications similar to a smartphone. Its built-in accelerometer and heart rate monitor also kinda makes it a fitness tracker. If paired with your smartphone, it keeps you updated with the notifications.

The best way to get these stylish watches is to purchase them from your most trusted brands. This ensures best quality and reliability! Also, while buying any of the aforementioned trendy watches for women, you must consider other aspects like warranty, after-sales support, and maintenance.

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