Fashion 101: The Top 6 Winter Outfit Ideas for Women

Winters—you can stay warm by layering up, but slaying it with style can be a challenge in this season. Wearing the same old hoodie or a sweater can feel boring and monotonous. We have limited options for footwear and the weather is too chilly to don a silk blouse or a fabulous crop top. Let’s be honest, we already deal with the I-have-nothing-to-wear dilemma and winters just make it worse. Well, this article can guide you to escape this conundrum! Here are a few winter outfit ideas for women, which will help you look elegant even when the temperature dips.

Skinny Jeans

We all value versatility, and there’s nothing as versatile as a pair of jeans! You can pair them with anything, and in any season. The thick fabric keeps your legs warm, and the streamlined silhouette goes well even if you add layers of clothes on top. From boots to a stylish drape top, skinny jeans know to embrace them all. 

Cashmere Sweaters

Nothing can beat a cashmere sweater when it comes to looking gorgeous while also retaining the heat. Not only are they soft to touch and feel but they also look luxurious. Despite its lightness, cashmere wool offers more warmth as compared to the bulkier options. And this ultimate outerwear can lend instant sophistication to every ensemble.

Pick the Right Hues

It’s funny how our winter outfits are either black, grey, or dark blue. For some reason, most of us are afraid of experimenting with hues for winter clothes. So, let’s flush colours into our winter essentials with some minty and candy coloured sweaters. Also, throw yellow, orange, and green-colour tops to brighten up your wardrobe.


This specific accessory is a must have for the chilly weather! Along with wrapping you in warmth, scarves can also be donned as a statement piece. You can style them in multiple ways and we can all agree that they ooze drama. Do not limit yourself to just one, but a countless of them because you can never have enough scarves. The plain ones are best to dial down your look, whereas the printed scarves can give a chic punch to your outfit.

Turtleneck Tops

Turtlenecks need to be a part of winter fashion outfits. They are like unsung heroes who protect your neck from the chilly breeze. You can pair them with sweaters and sleeveless jackets; if you don’t wish to coat up, they look fantastic over skirts and jeans as well.

Pro tip: Tuck the turtleneck top into your jeans and put on a statement coat. You can literally make it pop with a printed coat.

Hoodie Dresses

We all know that hoodies do not gel with every outfit and are pretty much capable of ruining your style. But here’s something not everybody knows, a hoodie dress lends feminine charm along with the snuggly comfort. It should be your go-to outfit for casual evenings at a friend’s place, movie nights, or long drives.

And that’s it… Winter fashion does not look unexciting anymore, does it? The right outfits, overcoats, and shades can do the magic. At Viviana Mall, we have an array of popular women’s clothing brands like Cover Story, Vero Moda, Zara, Forever New, Global Desi, and more. Visit us and throw some fun winter outfits into your closets.