6 Bags Every Woman Must Have in Her Wardrobe

When it comes to style obsessions, purses and handbags are at the top of every woman’s list—one can never have enough! After all, with so many styles, colours, and brands, who can resist buying more?

In the fashion world, bags are more than just a utility, they are a style statement in and of themselves. Accessorising with the right kind of bag can make or break a look. And as with all accessories, there are certain classics that never go out of vogue.

So, here are 6 must-have types of handbags for women:

Carry-all Tote

The first item on the list needs no introduction. When bags for women are spoken about, this is the most popular one.

Practical and roomy, it can carry everything, from keys to a change of outfits. And it comes in every material imaginable, so it’s easy to match it with one’s personal style.

Leather is the most favoured, for being durable as well as lending an air of class to any design. But, the canvas tote trend is catching up. They are great for a casual shopping trail or an outing, and good for the environment too! As a cherry on the cake, canvas totes are available in a wide range of prints—from abstract art to pop culture-inspired designs.

For the Bohemian look, straw is the ideal material. It’s quirky, versatile, and makes for the best beach buddy! Pair it with a cute sundress, and a vacation look is ready.

With a carry-all tote, the possibilities for experimentation are endless!

Office Satchel

It’s ideal to maintain a separate bag for office use. Life is much simpler when one doesn’t need to pack and repack one multipurpose bag all the time.

Though sleek, it is large enough to fit a laptop inside, so the days of carrying around a bulky backpack are finally over.

For this formal bag, choose from some timeless colour options like black or a rich brown.

Small Sling/Crossbody

A crossbody or sling bag is one that has a long handle, allowing it to be worn diagonally across the torso. It’s a popular style, and it’s obvious why!

Coming in a variety of sizes and materials, it is a versatile bag that goes with casual as well as semi-formal outfits. For the times there’s a need to carry only a few essentials, the compact crossbody comes to the rescue.

Another great thing about sling bags is that they often come with an adjustable strap. It can easily be turned into a makeshift small shoulder bag just by shortening the handle length!

Classy Clutch

A good clutch is more than a bag. It is also an elegant piece of jewellery that can elevate any look.

They are often divided into two categories: evening clutches and day clutches. While the former are glamorous and high on drama, the latter are much more understated, yet sophisticated.

But, both of them are wardrobe essentials. After all, who wants to go to a black-tie event or a day wedding, only to be laden down by a heavy bag? For carry-on convenience, it is best to choose a clutch on the smaller side, just the right size to fit a mobile phone.

Pro-Tip: Be style smart and choose a design that goes for western as well as traditional events. Glossy, single-tone clutches in vibrant colours work great for this.

Weekender Duffel

Often forgotten about, this bag is a last-minute lifesaver. It’s the perfect luggage for short trips and saves the hassle of towing around a suitcase.

What’s more? With so many available designs, choose one that suits personal style and stay trendy on the go!

Multipurpose Bucket Bag & Hobo Bag

Every woman needs these handbag heroes.

Bucket bags and hobo bags are two different styles, yet share some similarities, which means that they can be used interchangeably.

A bucket bag has more height than width. It often has drawstrings as its closure mechanism, giving it a rucksack-like feel. Hobo bags are made of soft, flexible materials and have a wide, comfortable handle.

Though different in look, both these bags are high on fun and functionality, and can carry quite a lot of stuff.

When deciding upon a colour, select neutral shades like peach, black, deep blue, or brown for an elegant vibe. To brighten minimal, mellow outfits, add a pop of colour with some eye-catching shades.

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