7 Basic Makeup Tips and Tricks for Women

Makeup is the best friend of every woman, and with good reason! Just a hint of makeup can transform your whole look, and give you an extra boost of confidence. Some basic makeup tips and tricks will go a long way in your style journey.

Interested in learning more about this colourful world? You’re in the right place!

We, at Viviana, are here to help you decode makeup so that you can make a fashion statement at every occasion. This comprehensive article will give you a gist of everything—from pre-makeup steps to the right shades for you.

Steps to Follow Before Applying Makeup

Step #1: Cleanse

Wash your face with a cleanser to get rid of all the dirt and oil on the surface of your skin. Choose one that is suitable for your skin type. A cream-based face wash is the best for dry skin, whereas a gel-based one is ideal for oily or combination skin.

Step #2: Tone

This step is especially important if you have oily or acne-prone skin. A toner helps clear off leftover dead skin cells or dirt. Spritz a decent amount of toner onto a cotton pad/ball and dab it across your face.

Step #3: Moisturise

Know that plump, fresh-faced look all beauty gurus sport? That’s the magic of a good moisturiser. No matter your skin type, moisturisation is a must for everyone.

If you have dry skin, go for thick cream moisturisers, which will replenish your skin’s natural oils. For oily skin, gel-based, oil-free (often labelled “non-comedogenic”) moisturisers are your best bet. Lightweight moisturisers are suited for combination skin—apply a bit extra on the dry areas of your face, and go easy on the oily zones.

The above skincare prep is essential, because it readies your skin and allows the makeup to work its magic. Once done, follow these steps and simple makeup tips to jazz up your look.

Steps to Apply Your Makeup Perfectly

First, set the base for your makeup using these 3 essential makeup heroes:


Primer is a non-negotiable step, because it ensures that the applied makeup blends properly and evenly.

For oily or combination skin, select a lightweight matte primer. If you have dry skin, a hydrating primer that lends a dewy finish will work for you.


A layer of foundation provides a smooth and even skin-tone to your face. Choose a shade that matches your skin and apply it uniformly using a brush or a blending sponge.

For a brighter appearance, pick a lighter shade of foundation. Make sure to apply it evenly from the forehead to the shoulder blades to prevent any patchy spots peeking through.


A concealer is used to camouflage dark circles, puffiness, dark spots, and acne scars.

Coming to its various types, liquid concealer is easy to apply and suitable for all skin types except dry skin. Cream concealer is heavier than the former, and works for dry skin. Lastly, balm concealers have the thickest texture and tend to stay in place. It should be your pick if you have oily skin.

Note: Although a concealer is a great fix for hiding dark spots and under-eye bags, it’s best to avoid applying it over your eyelids, as it might spoil your eye makeup.

Next, it’s time for the most fun part of the makeup process—playing with colours!

Add a Pop of Colour with Rouge

Rouge (or blusher) gives your face a beautiful, rosy flush! With so many shades to choose from, it’s important to consider the occasion for which you’re buying a blusher.

For everyday use, you want a lively, natural glow. Select a shade that is close to your skin tone, and apply it with a light hand. Staying subtle is key here!

If you are after a party look, choose shimmery peaches and pinks for light to medium skin. For dusky complexions, vibrant colours like orange, red, or brown are the way to go.

Impress with Eyeshadow

Eye shadows come in two types—cream-based and powdered ones.

If you want your eyes to look dewy, cream-based eyeshadows should be your pick. What’s more? They are easy to apply and last for a long time. Meanwhile, powdered eyeshadows come in a dazzling array of colours, and are easy to blend. You can mix and match to your heart’s content with powdered eye shadows.

As for shades, for regular use, go for neutral, earthy tones or understated pastels. For a dramatic evening look, choose a shiny shade that matches the colour of your outfit.

Enhance your Eye Makeup with Kohl

Also known as Kajal, Kohl is every Indian woman’s favourite cosmetic. Kohl-lined eyes exude glamour and style, and thus are apt for every occasion.

Quick tip: While applying Kohl, instead of dragging your pencil from the inside to outward, do it the other way round. It will help keep the pencil tip dry in case your eyes get watery. If your eyes tend to water a lot, avoid using Kohl on the inner corners.

Lipsticks for a Perfect Pout

Nothing transforms your face like a quick coat of lipstick. Here’s how you can choose the right shade of this beauty pick-me-up for any event.

For a busy office day, nude shades are a classic. If you want a more pronounced tint, try corals or burnt hues. On the other hand, bold reds and deep mauves are the go-to colours for the times when you need some extra glamour.

And… that’s it! Your look is ready. The only thing left to do is to go out and dazzle the world.

Makeup is fun, and with these makeup hacks, it becomes easy too! However, it will take a few practice sessions to perfect your look, so keep experimenting with various shades and styles.

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