Remember the time when we planned our new homes—the furniture arrangement, the colour scheme, the lighting, and other minute details? We wanted our homes to ooze a certain vibe! Over time this feeling takes a back seat, and we pay less attention to our home décor.

However, don’t you think we must maintain the aesthetics of our homes at all times? Doing so will lend a feeling of being enveloped in warmth and comfort. And home accessories can help you build that aura. The little things can put soul into your rooms! Here’s how you can do it:

Bring in More Pillows

Oh yes! Pillows always make it to the top of a list when you have to accessorise your home. You instantly thought of cosy movie nights and warm evenings, didn’t you?. It is one of the must-have home accessories, especially if you are a homebody who prefers indulging in binge watching a show or reading a book in your free time. Bring in more pillows if you need and arrange them innovatively to display a visual treat at home.

Always Go Seasonal 

Think of your home as a mood that reflects the outside atmosphere and weather! It is an amazing way to get inspired for living room décor ideas. You can take out the white pottery when spring arrives or fill your rooms with pillows and warm blankets in the winter season. If you love monsoon, light and partially transparent curtains can let the windy weather make you feel fresh and relaxed. Remember to always go with the themes of festivals and use decorative items for the living room. Home Centre offers a range of exquisite home décor accessories, which can act as a statement piece for your room.

Add Window Treatments

Window treatments are a stunning way to add elegance into your home. Curtains offer you the much-needed privacy and add a beautifully appealing look to your room. You must choose colours, designs, or patterns that harmonise with the mood of your home. Go with quality materials such as silk, linen, and polyester that lend a hint of class. So, do not forget to dress your windows up with curtains that renew the décor of your home. 

Accessorise Your Dining Table 

The dining table is where you gather and sit with your family and guests for meals. It should always give out a positive vibe. Table cloth, coasters, candles, and bowls full of fruits, chocolates, and candies are always a fabulous addition to the dining table. It creates a sophisticated and warm feeling around the table. Stores like One Stop provide an extensive collection of contemporary dinnerware that can complement your dining area. You may go seasonal or follow a festive theme with dining table accessories whenever necessary. 

Display Your Furniture Creatively

You may have organised your furniture and accessories in a standard pattern, but the trick to make your home look modern is to arrange them creatively. You have to break a few rules and think outside the box to be outstanding. Club things with similar colours or shapes and display them together. You can also place a tiny piece of furniture away from the wall like a centrepiece to a room.

Layer The Floor with a Rug

Do not limit your creativity when it comes to rugs, there’s a lot to experiment and explore with them. After choosing a rug that complements the décor of your home, add a smaller rug as a centrepiece or a show stopper that grabs the attention.Rugs can help you bring cohesiveness into the room. 

Lightings are Appealing

Why stick to the standard lighting in your house, when you can decorate your home with small and adorable designer lights? It will simply add panache to your home. Get crafty with accessories like DIY mason jar fairy lights. Get unique pieces of lanterns, lamps, candles, glass bottles, etc. and add new shades of lights for stunning home lighting.

Display Your Favourites

Modern homes often have a small space, a wall, or maybe a corner that can be utilised to display your favourites. In case you love books, place a bookshelf, and if you love painting or collecting antique pieces, dedicate a special wall / table to arrange them. One of the most common things that we all love is to have a photo wall. Just when you’re out of home décor ideas and need an instant fix for a wall, it is indeed your go-to option.

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