8 Winter Skin Care Tips You Must Follow to Look Flawless

We all love the transition from the scorching October heat to blissfully cold winters. But as pleasant as the cool winds are, they can completely dry out your skin and cause severe damage. If not taken care of in time with the help of the right skin care products by dermatologically recommended skincare brands, this could lead to more drastic skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. But don’t you worry because we’ve got your back! Here are 8 essential skin care tips to follow this winter for healthy and glowing skin:

Always Stay Hydrated

This one is important for all seasons. You can use the best of skin care products from the most expensive skincare brands, but if you’re not hydrated it’s just not going to work out. So, this winter, make sure to keep yourself hydrated at all times!

Choose the Right Skin Care Products

Selecting the right skin care products according to your skin type is another important tip for healthy, glowing skin this winter. If you have oily skin, go for water-based and gel skin care products. Whereas, if you suffer from dry skin, go for a richer cream or lotion. One of the best skin care brands to lookout for this season is The Body Shop. You can make a quick trip to this store to purchase your winter essentials for skin.

Lukewarm Water for the Win

Cold winter mornings may tempt you to crank up the heat when showering, but ladies that is a definite no-no. This is because it may cause your skin to dry out even more, leading to unwanted acne outbreaks. So, this season, lukewarm water is the way to go, followed by winter essentials for your skin such as using the moisturize by your favourite skin care products brand.

Moisturise Your Skin

For healthy and glowing skin, make sure to hydrate with a lotion as per your skin type. There are many skincare brands to choose from, but don’t get overwhelmed by the variety of skin care products. Take your time and choose wisely. Lotus Herbals is one skin care products brand you can rely on as it has combined ancient wisdom from the Vedas with 21st century technology. So if you’re having a tough time choosing the right skincare brand, don’t hesitate to shop your winter essentials for skin from this store!

Don’t Over-Exfoliate

This season is going to tempt you to exfoliate all those dead cells off your skin, but don’t give in because that could lead to more issues. Your skin naturally dries out during the winter, so exfoliation once a week is more than enough for skin regeneration and skin care products absorption.

Care for Your Hands and Feet

Since the oil glands on your hands and feet are much lesser than your face, they tend to dry out faster during the winter and get itchy. A hand cream from one of the skincare brands of your choice will do you more good than you can imagine during this season. And for the feet, pick out some skin care products that have glycerine and petroleum jelly incorporated and apply them every single day to prevent dryness.

Follow a Night-Time Routine

A night time routine is extremely essential, especially during the winter. Every night, immediately after showering or before going to bed the only skin care products you will need to apply are an eye cream and a moisturizer. So, select an under eye cream and a thick moisturiser from a selection of trustworthy skincare brands and follow the routine to a T. Forest Essentials is one such trustworthy skin care products brand that you can go for.

Don’t Ditch Your Sunscreen

The UV rays of the sun can cause premature ageing of the skin as well as brown spots and fine lines. To avoid this, you must never step out without sunscreen. Make sure to pick out a sunscreen from the skincare brands that work for you, for youthful and healthy skin.

So, there you have it! These are the 8 winter skin care tips for healthy & glowing skin that you should swear by. We recommend you now go on a shopping spree for your winter essentials for skin. With some of the best skincare brands such as Forest Essentials, The Body Shop, Lotus Herbals, Nykaa, Health & Glow and many more, at Viviana mall, we are your one-stop destination for skin care products.