Eyewear & Fragrance Store in Viviana Mall

Perfumes and eyewear are the two most underrated lifestyle elements. Perfumes and deodorants not only keep the unpleasant odours at bay but also benefit you in multiple different ways. It boosts confidence, enhances the mood, and you feel more attractive.

Eyewear, on the other hand, is a commonly forgotten accessory. While perking up the outfit, we try multiple options like belts, scarfs, bags, shoes, etc. but seldom do we focus on sporting a good eyewear. A pair of glasses can change your look significantly.

At Viviana mall, we know the importance of the right fragrance and chic eyewear, hence we’ve made space for leading eyewear and fragrance stores, here. Be it sunglasses or reading glasses, we have the most popular brands like Ray-Ban, Gangar Eyenation, Lenskart.com, etc. Whereas to cast a mesmerising spell with fresh and exquisite fragrance, you can head to Parcos, Ajmal, or Nefarious.