Jockey | Lingerie Shop - Viviana Mall Thane, Mumbai
Enamor | Lingerie Shop - Viviana Mall Thane, Mumbai
Van Huesen Innerwear in Viviana Mall

Lingerie Shops in Viviana Mall

Lingerie is not only about enhancing your feminine aura but also about lending comfort and confidence. We, at Viviana Mall, understand the importance of pampering your body with the right pair of undergarments. Hence, we have made space for some of the most popular lingerie shops in Thane like Jockey, Enamor, amanté and Van Heusen, so you can celebrate being you.

We want you to notice the beauty in you. Thus, we have brought the best women’s lingerie shops in Thane because supportive innerwear can make you look bold and high-spirited.