A late evening in the early ’50s, Mr. M. Y. Noorani, the founder chairman, then a small trader, stood surveying the rolls of scarf fabric that lay before him. A client had just canceled a large order. When you consider that on the previous occasion, his entire order of glass juice-makers had arrived broken, any other man would have thought of cutting his losses. M.Y. Noorani however, made of sterner stuff, quietly converted all that material into ties, which he then went about selling. His enterprise was rewarded, as enterprise usually is, and he made enough money to give birth to fashion apparel in India and thus the ZODIAC brand was born.
65 years on, the passion has not ebbed. Indeed, while most know it to be a large professionally run company, the team at Zodiac believes it is more a passion-driven Company — about clothing, about design and about perfectionism. They believe success just follows.


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