The Best Places to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

There are many advantages to throwing your child’s birthday party at the mall:

  1. The venue is taken care of and you don’t need to clean the house!
  2. Food and drinks are quickly taken care of at the food court.
  3. Teen girls can keep themselves busy for hours at the mall.

One thing you need to consider is your budget! People often lose track of the amount of money they are spending at a mall. Keep your budget in mind and think about narrowing the guest list to fewer than 10 kids so costs are manageable.

Here’s How You Can Plan an Amazing Birthday Party

While this themed birthday party is very easy to host, here are some tips and ideas that will help you make it a great day for your child.

Meet at the Mall

The job of getting the entire party to the mall will probably be your biggest challenge. If you do not have a spacious car, it may be easier to have the invitee’s parents drop them off at the mall.

Include the necessary instructions in your invitation, for example, you might want to convey when and where the invitees have to reach, whether the parents have to drop them off, or you are going to pick them up.

It is best to have your car nearby so you can stash the presents. This will keep you and the invitees free while shopping or partying.

Food and Gifts

Once shopping and gaming are done, bring the girls to the food court for a delicious treat. Use this opportunity to bring out the gifts and let the birthday kid open them up in front of his/her friends.

  • Hit the pizza place or your child’s favorite food outlet.
  • Do not forget to treat the kids at an ice cream parlor or a candy store.

Hosting your kid’s birthday party?

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