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The Complete Guide For Men To Choose the Right Haircut


Today, there are so many trending hairstyles for men that it can be a tough task to choose one! The availability of a zillion optionspompadours, quiffs, buzz cuts, blowouts, and morehas made the process more complicated. It is no longer limited to deciding if you want short or long hair. Rather, you should look for haircuts that complement your facial features, face shape, and personality. 

The following guide will help you understand what type of haircut suits you best.


Oval-shaped faces are defined by the absence of sharp angles near the cheeks, chin, and forehead. Men with this type of face shape are lucky because almost every haircut can complement their face! If you have an oval-shaped face, fringes are the one thing you should avoid, as it can make your face look rounder. The balanced oval shape is a plus point for you to try haircuts such as combining comb-overs with undercuts, fades, pompadours, textured slick backs, quiffs, and more. 


An oblong face is characterised by a longer rectangular shape with narrower width. Except for haircuts that are tight on the sides, there are multiple other options that are suitable for this face type. You can opt for a haircut that adds layers on top and is long on the sides. This will give your face a more balanced look. Short haircuts for men such as the crew or buzz styles will complement an oblong-shaped face. For longer hair, try side partings, keep short spikes or get a brush-up hairstyle for more volume.


With equal length and width, a rounder chin, and softer edges, a man with a round-shaped face needs a haircut that can lend some angles. A haircut that is short at the back and sides but adds length on top can make your face appear longer. Men’s haircuts such as faux hawk, undercuts combined with pompadours, quiffs, and long textured comb over slick backs can enhance the facial features. If you fall in this category, avoid full fringes and buzzcuts. 


Like a round face shape, a square-shaped face too has similar width and length but with a sharper jawline. Modern men’s haircuts like buzzcut, crew cuts, fades, undercuts, messy crops, traditional slick backs, pomps, and quiffs are ideal for men with a square-shaped face. Since multiple hairstyles go well with your facial features, you can experiment with both extremely short and long haircuts. 


An angular chin and strong, wide cheekbones make a diamond-shaped face. For the typically narrow and long face, stylists recommend haircuts with layers and extra volume. Some of the best haircuts for you would be the faux hawk, shag, side sweep, textured crop, and long slick back. You can also try haircuts with short hair on the sides and long hair on top. 


Though it is similar to a diamond-shaped face, a triangle-shaped face features jawlines wider than the cheekbones. You need to offset the small forehead and create a symmetric look. You should avoid fades on sides and choose a medium-textured haircut on the top. Some of the ideal men’s haircuts for triangle-shaped faces are angular fringes, messy hair, and swept bangs. 

You can choose a haircut based on the shape of your face, but do not forget about the texture of your hair. Curls are suitable for styles like fades and undercut while straight and fine hair looks great with classic slick backs. If you have wavy and thick hair, well, sky’s the limit for these guys! In case you’ve got  straight, thick hair you should go for brush back haircuts that are shorter on the sides.

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