Top 5 Trendy & Stylish Watches for Men

Watches make a statement. They define your personality.

Watches have not always been an item of luxury. They have been an item of necessity, tirelessly created to serve an important purpose. The timepiece you choose to don today, tells a lot about you. Thus, it is important to be heedful rather than hasty while buying a watch.

With a wide range of attractive alternatives that we have today, one is bound to face a dilemma. From renowned brands to their multiple variants, picking the right watch can be a tricky affair. But there are some timeless choices that you can never go wrong with.

Here are the top 5 trendy watches a man would ever need. Each timepiece is suitable for a certain occasion and caters to a certain lifestyle need. Having the right watch collection definitely goes a long, long way.

The Iconic Chronograph Watch

The most popular and loved, a chronograph watch is a classic piece, every man must own.

A chronograph is a technical term for stopwatch which is incorporated with the time display. It often comes with three chronographs that let you time various things quite precisely. Even though there are more accurate ways to time and measure things today, the chronograph watch serves as an iconic timepiece. It is stylish, intricate, and suits all important occasions.

The Classic Dress Watch

From a business suit to a tuxedo, a dress watch complements your every attire perfectly.

A dress watch is a classic option that is elegant and goes best with formal attires. It is generally quite thin and thus fits well under the cuff. It is an analog watch that has a leather or metal strap, giving a minimal yet classy look.

The Robust Dive Watch

From stylish looks to a robust body, the dive watch is crafted for durable performance.

Designed for professional divers, the dive watch provides great water resistance and underwater legibility. However, the defining factor for a dive watch is its rotatable bezel. It allows the divers to keep a track of the oxygen levels in their oxygen tank. Besides its historical significance and iconic nature, the sporty & elegant look of the dive watch makes it a must-have.

The Appealing GMT Watch

With cool looks and an appealing history, The GMT watch is a must-have for the wanderlust soul.

The GMT watch was designed to keep a track of multiple time zones simultaneously with the help of its additional GMT hand and the 24-hour bezel. It was born out of the need for pilots to track two time zones on duty. The first GMT could read only two time zones, but the modern ones can read three. This timepiece is a great device for those who love to travel.

The Modern Smart Watch

Catering to a lifestyle, a smartwatch can be your daily companion.

Inspired by the design of a traditional watch, a smartwatch comes with a touchscreen interface that is supported by apps and helps you in numerous ways. From tracking your health, playing music, accessing your phone’s messages and calls, it is the most versatile watch ever. You can customize the screen and even change straps to suit your numerous attires. It is your most suitable alternative for daily use.

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