Toys, Gifts, Books, Stationery Stores in Viviana Mall

Irrespective of how hard-pressed your schedule is, it is important to gift yourself some leisure time every once in a while. And having a hobby can help you unwind during such free time.

For example, reading a novel can take you away from the humdrum routine to a life full of stirring plot twists and turns. Or let’s say you love painting. You can add colors to your dull thoughts with every stroke and stipple on the canvas.

Your way of de-stressing could be anything, maybe you like to skate your way away from the mundane life, or you could be someone who lets their frustration out on a gaming console. We have something for everyone, and for every recreational activity. Be it, kids or adults, we all deserve some time to quench our souls with activities that act as our escape route from the dungeons of everyday life.

For every reader and artist out there, we have the best stationery and book stores in Thane for you. At Viviana Mall, we strive to fill your lives with happiness by offering exactly what you want. Want a PS4? We have Play Station. The kid in your house loves playing with miniature superhero toys, we have Planet Superheroes for you. If you are the kind of person who finds peace in spoiling your loved ones with sweet gestures, we have the best gift shops in Mumbai with Archies and Me n Moms. With us, you will never fall short of resources to give yourself a happy ‘me time’.