Viviana Mall, PANKH join hands to create job opportunities
October 24, 2016

Viviana XRCVC Resource Centre


Viviana Mall is a proud supporter of the cause of the people who see differently. It is the India’s first and only visually impaired friendly mall. In its endeavour to empower them, Viviana has established a fully functional resource centre in association with XRCVC on 27th June, 2015.

With Dr. Sam Taraporevala at its helm, this institute strives to create awareness about the needs of the visually impaired. It has already helped many blind students become self sufficient through its free-to-all programs which use technology to support them.

XRCVC is working closely with Viviana to offer the best of services to our blind patrons by introducing innovative tools like Braille Menus, Tactile Labels in retail outlets, Audio Tactile floor plans, personal shopping assistants and even organizing workshops for them.


Events held at Viviana XRCVC Resource Centre:

1. Antarchakshu, Feb. 2015
An event organised to sensitise all our patrons towards the visually impaired by making them do certain tasks while blindfolded.

2. Assistance to Disabled Persons (ADIP) Programme, 4th Sep. 2015
An initiative by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, this event has seen many visually challenged patrons benefit by the free e-book readers distributed at the Viviana XRCVC resource centre.

3. Free distribution of e-book readers, 4th Jan. 2016
On the occasion of World Braille Day, 30 visually impaired people from across the state of Maharashtra have been gifted e-book readers.

4. Cricket Tournament, 17th Jan. 2016
In an Endeavour to empower the visually impaired, we have held a special Cricket Tournament for the visually impaired at the Dribble Ground inside the mall.


  1. piratrebay says:

    Viviana Mall, India s first and only visually impaired friendly mall, passionately runs Viviana XRCVC resource centre for visually impaired people.

  2. Girish Pathak says:

    9137393034 /9004666006 writing behalf of him he is blind and he is a lawyer there are some blind people who came to me who were of high qualifications and intellectuals. this guy(girish pathak)need assistance to get independently handle the situations of reading law and other books of his interest .so for his will i am sending you request my name sanjay jain ph no 9833120447

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