5 Reasons to Love Departmental Stores

There’s something magical about shopping malls. As you step in, the stress of everyday life melts away, and you are welcomed by a myriad of colours and the bustle of happy shoppers.

Since their advent, malls have been shaped by the consumer’s will, and have become ingrained in urban culture. Shopping has gone from a chore to a social experience, a way to entertain oneself, and connect with loved ones. For many, shopping is an enjoyable activity or even a hobby, and that’s no surprise. After all, one of life’s purest joys is finding the perfect dress or a pair of shoes you’d been coveting.

Safe to say, retail therapy is a real mood booster, and by uniting the joy of shopping with convenience, departmental stores have placed themselves at the pinnacle of the shopping mall experience.

From being an ideal window shopping destination to a shopaholic’s happy place, there are several reasons to love departmental stores. Here’s our top 5:

One-Stop Shop

Departmental stores get their name because unlike speciality shops, they offer a diverse selection of merchandise under one roof, including clothes, accessories, footwear, cosmetics, and home decor. Each of these products have their own departments, which in turn stock several brands. Consumers are spoilt for choice and are simultaneously provided with a seamless shopping experience, as opposed to an itinerary of different shops for different things.

Easy Returns

Since they are generally not standalone stores but part of a well-established chain, departmental stores have convenient, consumer-friendly return policies. It is much easier to shop when you have the assurance that returning or exchanging a product will be a hassle-free affair.

An Outing Destination

Shopping brings people together, allowing them to spend time with their family and friends. To tap into this opportunity, departmental stores are pulling out all the stops to ensure that they not only offer goods but a fun experience to visitors.

Festival Extravaganza

India is a country of festivals, and during the pre-festival shopping season, departmental stores are big-budget spectacles. New collections are launched and grand sales are held, attracting throngs of happy shoppers. Extravagant decorative displays light up the stores, lending to the cheery atmosphere.

Excellent Customer Service

No matter which department you visit, supportive sales associates offer their help with a warm smile. Well-informed and enthusiastic, they take your shopping experience a notch higher by helping you find the right product, or patiently taking you through the features of an appliance.

With all this to offer, departmental stores are the go-to choice for all your shopping needs. In Thane, Viviana Mall has some of the best departmental stores, including but not limited to FBB, Max, Pantaloons, Ethnicity, Globus, and more. Whether your choice is a high-end luxury outlet or affordable fashion, the stores in Viviana Mall have something for everyone.