7 Tell-Tale Signs that You are a Shopaholic

Ever wondered if you are a shopaholic?

If you usually give into the impulse of buying a pretty dress right after spotting it or are lured by a cool backpack from across the store, maybe you are.

But, it’s not ‘the sign’!

So, let’s take a deep dive and find out what being a true shopaholic means.

You’re a Firm Believer of Retail Therapy

If you turn towards retail every time something stresses you out, it’s a sign that you are a shopaholic. No matter the reason behind your distress—a bad day at work, the nosy neighbour, or just a random annoying co-passenger—shopping cheers you right up.

The Mall is Your Second Home

When you’re not at work or at home, you are probably at a mall, strolling through the aisles of your favourite stores. You’re in the habit of visiting a mall at least two to three times in a week.

Your Purse is Always Full of Receipts

Any time you reach into your purse to grab something, you only pull out shopping receipts! Everything else is buried under the hundreds of receipts you forgot to throw out.

You Wonder if You Could be Paid for Shopping

“I would make a great personal shopper.”

“I wish I was a celebrity fashion buyer.”

Thoughts like these cross your mind often. You know for sure that you would do great in a career that allowed you to shop all day and practically live at a mall!

Your Favourite Word is “SALE”

Hearing about a new sale makes your day. After all, they allow you to shop twice as much, and the thought of walking out of a mall with tonnes of bags takes you to seventh heaven.

You are Covered for Every Occasion

You have a pre-planned ensemble for any event. With a vast collection of bags, shoes, clothes, and other accessories, being fashion-ready is a cakewalk for you.

Your Shopping Impulses are Well-known to Your Friends

And you wouldn’t change for the world! If someone asked you to slow down, you’d probably take them down the shopping rabbit hole too. Shopping is your way of unwinding, and people who hate it are alien to you.

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