Aromas | Cafe - Viviana Mall Thane, Mumbai
MOD | Cafe - Viviana Mall Thane, Mumbai
Starbucks | Cafe - Viviana Mall Thane, Mumbai
Chaayos | Cafe - Viviana Mall Thane, Mumbai
Chai Point | Cafe - Viviana Mall Thane, Mumbai

Best Cafe in Thane

If we happen to ask whether you like coffee, tea, pastries, etc., we are sure each one of you will say a ‘yes’. For a lot of people, their day does not start without a cup of coffee. And many cannot go without the much-needed tea break from their tiring schedule. And where other than cafes can you find satisfying beverages?

It gives out a tranquilising aroma around the shop. The heavenly fragrance of these two beverages not only fill the interiors of a cafe, but also lends some to the vicinity. Cafes enable you to plan a perfect first date, and offer amazing side dishes like sandwiches, puffs, croissants, pastries etc. to prolong the time together.

So, at Viviana Mall, we decided to bring a range of the best cafes in Thane like Starbucks, Aroma Cafe, Cafe Coffee Day, Chaayos, Mad Over Donuts, and much more for you. You can take a quick break from shopping at your favourite coffee shop, or take your date for a cup of coffee after a movie. Or you can simply bring a book along and spend some undisturbed time by yourself. We understand that the love for chai & coffee is eternal, hence we have leading coffee shops in Thane for you.