Celebrating 7 Years of Viviana Mall with 7 Highlights

We believe in care, we believe in comfort, and we believe in celebrating every day! As India’s fastest progressing destination mall, we have celebrated each day by working towards creating a sustainable environment for all. We strive to create an aura that is lively and comfortable for everyone. When we hark back to the 7 memorable years of Viviana Mall, our hearts fill with joy.  Today, we would like to reminisce 7 memories and landmark initiatives we are proud of and grateful for. These 7 events/initiatives highlight our promise of providing unique experiences to all our customers.

We work towards creating larger-than-life impressions that can be passed through generations. This includes initiatives that work towards making the lives of people better.

So, allow us to share the most cherished memories with our favourite people—you.

India’s First & Only Visually-Impaired Friendly Mall

The initiative was devised with a hope to build inclusive surroundings for visually challenged people. By partnering with Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC), we launched an audio-tactile labelling system to help differently-abled shoppers at the mall. The system employs braille labels on each storefront along with audio-tactile floor maps and menus in the food court and restaurants. Our staff is specially trained to take care of visually-impaired customers and provide them with shopping assistance throughout their visit.

7  ICSC Awards to the Belt

Our years of pioneering vision and efforts have been globally recognised and appreciated with various accolades and awards. For our business innovation and excellence in service, we have had 7 consecutive wins at the ICSC Global Awards. Out of these, 5 are in the ICSC Asia-Pacific category and 2 are in VIVA (Vision, Innovation, Value, Achievement) Best-of-the-Best Awards. We are proud to be the first mall to have achieved such a milestone!

Viviana XRCVC Centre for the Visually Impaired

We launched the “XRCVC-Viviana Extension”, a resource centre for the visually impaired on 27th June 2015. Through certified programs on basic computer applications, Reading Without Seeing workshops, and many other courses, the centre has helped several visually-impaired persons to become self-sufficient. Our special trainers have also given them hands-on training regarding the UPI digital payment channels used at the mall. And the candidates applying for the same do not have to bear the expenses.

PANKH Centre – Wings of Destiny

We are proud to have partnered with ‘PANKH’- Wings of Destiny (a joint initiative of TRRAIN and Youth4Jobs Foundation) to establish a training centre, which aims at shaping the careers of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), within the premises of our mall. The centre is our second initiative, which strives to promote equal access and opportunities for PwDs. With this program, we wish to further empower them by giving a direction to their career.

Priority Lounge for Special Members

First of its kind, the Priority Lounge is an exclusive space for senior citizens, expectant mothers, and V Club priority members. The lounge was launched on 27th June 2018 with free access to the internet, books, magazines, kindle, newspapers, and safe bottled drinking water among others. It is an extension of our objective of providing the best services by creating a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

The ExtraordiNAARI Movement

With the ExtraordiNAARI movement, we aim to empower women from all spheres of life. We support the ban on the sale of acid, and did our part to empower the unbeaten warriors of acid attacks.

With an effort to create a cohesive environment, we shed light on the issues faced by women on wheelchairs as well. The event was initiated to create a platform, where these superwomen could voice their opinions, share their stories, and exhibit their talents. We are immensely grateful towards the 60,000 people who supported us in proving that women on wheelchairs are as talented and capable as everyone else.

Rooftop Solar Panel for the Environment

As a part of the environment-focused initiative, at Viviana Mall, we installed a rooftop solar power panel, which ensures electricity is provided to half of the common areas through clean energy. We have increased the rooftop solar capacity to avail the benefits of renewable energy and move towards a sustainable environment. We are working towards utilising more and more clean energy to minimise the emission of carbon dioxide.

These campaigns speak for our goals of creating an equal and respectful environment for people from all walks of life, and this is what keeps us going. At Viviana Mall, we continue to work towards reaching out to more and more people in the coming years.