Here’s Why Viviana Mall is Safe for You Against COVID-19

Ever since the coronavirus wave, our lives have taken a major turn. It has compelled every outgoing person to remain locked down, and the situation has been prolonged to an extent that even introverts are tired of staying in their home sweet home. However, we all need to understand that staying in is the need of the hour.

COVID-19 has introduced us to a different type of living. We once used to greet our friends and family with high fives and hugs, but today we get panicky if someone’s arm brushes against us even by mistake. It has forced us to follow social distancing, not only for the sake of our own health but also for the well-being of our loved ones.

At Viviana Mall, our primary concern is the safety of every customer, retailer, and staff that make our shopping centre an amazing space to be in. Hence, we have created a long list of precautionary measures that we will be following, so you can visit us without a worry when the mall reopens.

Along with sanitising every surface and ensuring non-crowding with social distancing lines and stickers, there are multiple hygiene measures that we are taking just for you. Continue reading to understand how we have made every nook and corner of this shopping mall in Thane, a safe spot for you.

The Entrance of the Mall

We have made arrangements to sanitise every car before it enters the parking lot of Viviana Mall. Before letting you inside the mall, your body temperature will be scanned using a thermal imaging camera, a device that captures heat emitted by an object. If the scanner shows normal temperature, only then will you be allowed to go ahead. We have made it mandatory for every visitor, retailer, and staff member to have the Aarogya Setu App. The level of oxygen will be tested via oximeter to ensure you do not have the prime symptom of coronavirus: shortness of breath. We have installed a sanitisation tunnel to prevent the entry of any unwanted microorganism in the mall. Also, your bag will be scanned using UV-rays for disinfection.

The Lobby of the Mall

We have equipped foot-operated sanitisers everywhere in the mall, so you can clean your hands every 20-30 minutes. With a contactless mall directory, you can understand the floor plan of our mall by scanning the QR code. Along with that, you can always seek assistance from our concierge team.

Stores in the Mall

Every store is cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. You will be assisted by a sales executive to ensure touchless experience while shopping. Also, every billing counter is equipped with contactless payment methods so that you can make a payment without having to exchange cash.

Food Court in the Mall

We have ensured that the place where you eat and relax with their friends and family is sanitised. Every table and chair is cleansed regularly. Every food outlet has a bottle of sanitiser at the counter so that every time someone touches a tray of delicious meal, it is with disinfected hands. Also, we have made arrangements for contactless food ordering and payments via QR codes to avoid crowding at the billing counter. 

Restrooms of the Mall

We have replaced our old soap dispensers and taps with touchless ones. Along with being disinfected regularly, we have taken measures with respect to ascertaining social distancing as well.

We are following all safety measures to the T. We hope you too will be cautious about your health and take preventive steps, which need to be adhered to from your end. We will fight this situation and get back to our old norm only if we stick to the new norm sincerely. And at Viviana mall, we are accepting it with great enthusiasm. We hope to see you all here soon. 

Important Announcement

Dear Customers, on the occasion of the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections, Viviana Mall will open at 6PM on 20th May 2024.