Home Décor Essentials to Fall in Love with Your Space

Of all the cherished experiences you find comfort in, being at home probably tops the list. Whether it’s a lazy day in, or a tiring work day, nothing brings more happiness than lounging in your comfortable abode. Well, it goes without saying that you’d love your space to feel heavenly, cosy, and an extension of your personality.  So, if you think it’s time for a makeover, the biggest shopping mall in Thane houses magnificent stores with these perfect décor fixes to enliven your space.

Here are the 9 elements that are guaranteed to make your home your personal paradise! 

1– Chic Pillows 

Choosing comfortable and unconventional pillows is the simplest solution to add colour, comfort, and style, all at once! Place some decorative throw cushions on sofas and chairs and sit back amidst the warmth they lend. A smart way to add visual interest to a room is using contrasting textures for pillow fabrics, instead of just colours.

2 – Knitted Throw Blankets or Cozy Comforters 

This basic necessity can become the highlight of any space! A throw blanket is a unique option that can be accessorised in every part of your home. Just like pillows, style them on your living room couch, armchair, or even your bed. Of course, downy comforters in monotones or classic whites are always a great choice for the bedrooms. 

3 – Comfortable mattresses

A good mattress is the key to a heavenly home. After all, who doesn’t love tucking themselves in a cosy bed? With a plethora of fabrics and sponges available, choose a mattress that fits your sleep style to make your rest time blissful.

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4 – Handpicked Artwork 

Art pieces are undoubtedly a highway to niche home décor. A painting, abstract art, or even antiques hanging on the wall reflect a personal taste for beauty. So go on, add a pop of texture or patterns to your room with handpicked or handmade framed art.

5 – A Dash of Greenery 

One fix for health and homeliness? Plants. Adding a tinge of verdant green will not only help remove toxins from the air, but also bring organic style to your space. In fact, both real or artificial flowers will breathe life into your surroundings and add unmatched freshness!

6 – Elegant Vases or Pots

Beautiful vases and uniquely designed pots are always pleasing to the eye. Add to the aesthetic value of your home by placing them in your dining area, coffee tables, or even beside your apartment’s entrance. Choose boho or vintage, glass or clay; let your vases complement your home’s vibe.

7 – Books and Magazines 

With or without a shelf, books always add character to your space. So, stack up your best picks and let those hardbacks define who you are. It’s a wonderfully affordable and smart décor hack too! 

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8 – Classy Rugs or Decorative Mats

Whether bold or subtle, adorning your space with a rug will automatically give a warm, comforting finish to your interiors. Heavy, plush rugs suit living rooms the best, whereas soft, small rugs are a relaxing choice for your bedrooms.

Find rugs fitting your taste and texture in choice home décor stores in Thane including Home Centre and Pure Home at Viviana Mall.

9 –Mirrors or Elements of Sparkle

Mirrors make any room seem larger, brighter, and fresher, while sparkling elements add life and elegance. Transform the vibe of your home with glossy reflective surfaces such as polished metals, sequins, or tiny mirrors on cabinets.

Finally, for any accessories you choose, keep the colour scheme of your walls and furniture in mind. To add flair and drama to the space, you can select bold shades like Carmine Red, Smashed Pumpkin, and Sunglow. Or, if minimalism is more your style, subtle and classy hues like Blush, Coral, and Mint work well.

Having spent so much time settled indoors, we’ve all had one realisation – a beautiful, homely environment matters. Well, all you need is a little revamp for the gift of comfort galore! 

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Happy Homemaking!