Men’s Fashion & Style Guide: 6 Basic Rules To Dress Well

Looking sharp isn’t a tough job, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
You don’t need to be voguish, but you need to ascertain your personal style: basics or avant-garde. 

Your style may be sleek or rugged, up-scale, or humble. And to know what strikes your fancy, you need to understand the fundamentals of men’s fashion acquainted with the elementary rules!

So, here they are!

Follow these 6 essential styling tips and kill with your fashion skill –

1.  Learn the Skill of Styling – Colours & Prints

A willingness to learn about fashion is the first step to ace the game. You could understand styling by spending time in a dapper circle of people whether it’s online or offline. You could pick a look from the mannequins at men’s fashion stores or you could simply read up to enhance your sense of aesthetics.

Rule of thumb – In an outfit, always look out for the combination of the colour and print.

2. Get the Right Size – Fit is King

You may rejoice in wearing loose-fitted, baggy or oversized shorts and shirts at home. But when you are out, it’s not a good idea. Never settle for any piece of garment that doesn’t fit “perfectly” on your body. The too loose or too tight-fitting outfit will kill your look. So, own that tuxedo, feel that nested suit, and only then buy them.

Rule of thumb – If the clothing item doesn’t fit or can’t be slightly adjusted as per your physique, don’t buy it.

3. Know Your Style – Basics or Fancies or Both

Know your preference, know your style. A part of expressing your individuality is to ignore fashion trends. Don’t let the trends pressurise you to pick something you won’t wear otherwise. If the classy formals define you, go for the timeless basics. If you like being upscale, go for the fancies. Either way, you can look stylish and represent your identity through styling.

Rule of thumb – Stick to the classic colours, textures, patterns and prints. A right combination of them will save you every time.

4. Accessorise Wisely – Value Your Watch, Footwear & Glasses

An edgy addition to your look, accessories will help you stand apart. Keeping it minimum is the key. Your accessories must complement your attire. So, invest mindfully in a watch, footwear and glasses. This trio helps you make a style statement. Always consider the aesthetic and functional aspect of them. Whereas for a belt, wallet, tie and pocket square, focus on harmonising their colour with the outfit. For instance, pick a tie and pocket square that’s a shade darker than your shirt.

5. Keep Thyself Clean – Personal Grooming

Style isn’t only about what others can see, externally. It is also about how you feel, internally. These crucial aspects include skincare, haircare, ironing clothes, smelling fresh and so on. Never forget to make use of products like body lotion, beard oil, sunscreen, iron, shoe polish, hangers, minimal make-up, etc. Remember, brave men, break the stigmas. You must also consider donating your clothes that are torn or worn out. Anything that looks faded or old can be a major turn-off.

6. Have Full Faith – Right Attitude & Killer Confidence

Possibly, the most important point – style comes from you. It may be represented by your attire but you get it to life. A man driven by his sense of purpose doesn’t need fashion to exude a magnetic aura. But they can use their style sense to amplify it. Having faith in yourself will give you the attitude you need to pull off any piece of clothing you choose to adorn. Remember, fashion is about care, comfort and confidence.

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