Here’s Why Viviana Mall is Safe for You Against COVID-19

Ever since the coronavirus wave, our lives have taken a major turn. It has compelled every outgoing person to remain locked down, and the situation has been prolonged to an extent that even introverts are tired of staying in their home sweet home. However, we all need to understand that staying in is the need […]

Home Décor Essentials to Fall in Love with Your Space

Of all the cherished experiences you find comfort in, being at home probably tops the list. Whether it’s a lazy day in, or a tiring work day, nothing brings more happiness than lounging in your comfortable abode. Well, it goes without saying that you’d love your space to feel heavenly, cosy, and an extension of […]

Men’s Fashion & Style Guide: 6 Basic Rules To Dress Well

Looking sharp isn’t a tough job, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.You don’t need to be voguish, but you need to ascertain your personal style: basics or avant-garde.  Your style may be sleek or rugged, up-scale, or humble. And to know what strikes your fancy, you need to understand the fundamentals of men’s fashion […]

Safety Measures to Follow While Visiting Viviana Mall Post Lockdown

The COVID-19 wave has brought our lives to a standstill. It’s been over 110 days, and we have not walked out of a mall with tonnes of shopping bags and a wide smile.   However, staying home is the need of the hour. Instead of subsiding, the situation has been escalating into an invincible hazard to […]

5 Reasons Why You Must Follow a Skincare Routine

Keeping up with the fast-paced modern urban lifestyle can be exhausting. Although maintaining a work-life balance seems simple in theory, it is difficult to manage consistently in reality. And in the course of achieving your goals, skincare often fades into the background. Whether you are a college student swotting for exams or an adult trying […]

5 Reasons to Love Departmental Stores

There’s something magical about shopping malls. As you step in, the stress of everyday life melts away, and you are welcomed by a myriad of colours and the bustle of happy shoppers. Since their advent, malls have been shaped by the consumer’s will, and have become ingrained in urban culture. Shopping has gone from a […]

5 Types of Footwear Every Woman Must Have

There is no denying in the fact that women have a soft corner for shoes. Even a wardrobe full of them could seem less, right? Because, come on, you need a pair of footwear for every occasion, every outfit. In fact, a lot of women end up buying a pair of shoes simply because it’s […]

Celebrating 7 Years of Viviana Mall with 7 Highlights

We believe in care, we believe in comfort, and we believe in celebrating every day! As India’s fastest progressing destination mall, we have celebrated each day by working towards creating a sustainable environment for all. We strive to create an aura that is lively and comfortable for everyone. When we hark back to the 7 […]

The Shopping Spree is Back but with Complete Safety

The Unlock 4.0 has come as music to our ears; the Maharashtra Government announced significant relaxations to the lockdown. Finally, the shopping malls in Thane have been permitted to recommence in this phase. Thus, at Viviana Mall, we are submerged in exhilaration. The fact that we can greet you all into our mini world, again, […]

7 Tell-Tale Signs that You are a Shopaholic

Ever wondered if you are a shopaholic? If you usually give into the impulse of buying a pretty dress right after spotting it or are lured by a cool backpack from across the store, maybe you are. But, it’s not ‘the sign’! So, let’s take a deep dive and find out what being a true […]